We are excited to present 10+ panels on a wide range of transatlantic topics with outstanding speakers. Check back closer to the conference date for a complete lists and program details!

Below are some of the topics to look forward to.

Education – Excellence at All Costs

Banking in the Age of FinTech: An Outlook Amidst Digital Disruption

Include, Ignore, Impeach – How Can Governments Deal With Populism?

Impact of Digitalization on Sports

The Work We Want: How Labor Policy Differs Across the Transatlantic

Development: From Fallbacks to Leapfrogging in Global Cooperation

Youth in Power – Translating “Why” Into Action

Medicine 2.0: Optimized, Personalized, Data-driven?

Let’s Talk About Race: Transatlantic Differences in Diversity Discussions

Brave New City: Will Autonomous Vehicles Restructure Urban Life?