Banking in the Age of FinTech: An Outlook Amidst Digital Disruption

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Will the latest emergence of non-traditional market actors turn the banking sector upside down? In recent years, fintechs and other non-bank players have taken the lead on innovation in the banking space turning advances in technology to their advantage to bring customer experience to a new level. Backed by venture capital funding, a strong willingness to take risks and great flexibility, the new kids on the financial block contest the market-dominating incumbents which enjoy widespread customer loyalty and are well-versed in this highly regulated sector. After initial drowsiness, the banking industry’s giants eagerly pursue the mission to catch up with their nimble challengers by institutionalizing innovation in their own corporate ecosystems via acquisitions, cooperation and own initiatives. This panel will explore to what extent fintechs and non-bank players will be able to disrupt the industry by capitalizing on their innovative strength and what role incumbent banks will play in the financial world of tomorrow.