German American Conference


October 21-24, 2021



For over ten years, the German American Conference has been one of the largest student-led conferences in North America and has provided a platform for Transatlantic dialogue and connection between decision-makers and next-generation leaders. Each year our organizing committee, which consists of students and researchers from the Boston Area, hosts a conference to engage our audience with the most pressing issues facing both sides of the Atlantic.

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Let us inspire you to take initiative in solving today’s most pressing challenges. We want to  bringing together extraordinary personalities to share their principles for success with you. Confronted with an ever increasing dynamic and complex environment, German American leadership seeks new avenues of cooperation.


The German American Conference is focused on an exchange between two of the world’s arguably most influential nations in order to foster cooperation and leadership. Join our dialogue on the world’s most pressing issues.


Business and innovation have been at the heart of the German American Conference since its very inception. We explore the latest emerging trends that drive growth and prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic.

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For the past 14 years the German American Conference has been a space for policymaker, politicians, changemakers, and students to come together and discuss the importance of maintaining the transatlantic relationship. The prism of “problem solving” will allow us to look firmly into the future, with hope and aspiration. Think of this conference as your launchpad: We bring current and future leaders across the Atlantic together to build lasting connections.

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