The German American Conference at Harvard does not provide a hotel option for the conference, so below are some ideas and recommendations where to look. Choosing somewhere close to Harvard Square or MIT will put you closest to our venues of the Harvard Kennedy School and the Hyatt Regency Cambridge Hotel respectively. However, if you are not able to find accommodation right by the venues, Cambridge, Boston, and Somerville have great public transport, bikeshare, and rideshare options to help you reach the conference.


There are lots of hotels in Boston and around Cambridge. Below you can find a few hotels which are close to Harvard Square and the Harvard Kennedy School, the main venue of the conference:

Budget Options

Through the following websites, you can explore rentable apartments and rooms in the Boston region.

Share accommodation with other GAC attendees

We will soon be sharing a file allowing registered GAC attendees to potentially host or share accommodation with each other. Keep an eye out for information once you have bought your tickets!

German American Conference 2022



For the past 14 years, the German American Conference has provided a space for discussing the world’s most pressing issues. From October 28th-30th, we will host a series of panels, workshops, and networking sessions to bring together leaders, politicians, students, and changemakers.

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