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Lest we forget - a virtual exhibition of Holocaust survivors

Luigi Toscano is the first UNESCO Artist for Peace, a photographer and filmmaker. His project “Lest we forget” is under the patronage of German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. In 2014, he began traveling to meet Holocaust survivors who now live in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Belarus, Ukraine, Israel and Russia. He gave them the opportunity to tell their personal stories – probably for the last time. The result: more than 400 portrait photos – the heart of the project. Around one million people worldwide have already seen his exhibition. 

This exhibition will take place during the conference and will be the first fully virtual exhibition of this project. For the entire length of the four day conference, the portraits of Holocaust survivors and their stories will be available to view. Further, Luigi Toscano will talk about his experiences, his interactions and encounters with them.

The Photographer - Luigi Toscano

Luigi Toscano is an autodidact whose life story has taken many turns. As a roofer, bouncer and window cleaner, the son of Italian guest workers has gained experience from many different perspectives. 

That an art career has developed from this is unusual. Luigi Toscano’s works focus on people and show what lies behind what we see with our eyes.

His art speaks a language that everyone can understand. A language with which he can express political points of view and take a clear stand. For this he moves more and more into the public space. Luigi Toscano presents his works in open places, in front of houses, on squares and in parks, not hidden behind the doors of a museum.

In 2014, the photographer and filmmaker launched his unique project “Lest we Forget”, for which he was named an Artist for Peace by UNESCO in March 2021. 

As part of this project, he met and photographed over 400 Holocaust survivors to remember them and share their stories as a memorial.

In October of this year, he will be awarded the Medal of Merit (“Bundesverdienstorden”) of the Federal Republic of Germany by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

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