QuantCo Travel Scholarship


Attend the German American Conference 2022 at Harvard with QuantCo!

QuantCo is offering up to five travel scholarships for German university students to attend the GAC. As part of the travel scholarship, QuantCo will cover:

  • Round-trip flights (up to 600)
  • A 4-night hotel stay from October 27, 2022 to October 31, 2022
  • A dinner with QuantCo at a privately booked venue in Boston or Cambridge, Massachusetts.


In order to be eligible for the travel scholarship, you must:

  • Be enrolled at a German university, including students currently in an exchange semester at a non-German university. We accept any degree program and any academic year (i.e. freshman to graduate level).
  • Be in the top 5% of your program (or top 5% in Abitur grade for freshmen) as demonstrated by grades/transcripts or scholarships/awards
  • Obtain the proper visa or travel authorization to the US (e.g. ESTA, if applicable). Please see the US State Department’s Travel website for more information.
  • Have or obtain international travel health insurance coverage
  • Cover your own travel to and from the airports
  • Accept that the travel scholarship will be voided if the conference is canceled or held remotely. The void also applies in the event that government travel restrictions are imposed between the US and any affected countries.
  • Agree to inform QuantCo in a timely manner (ideally by October 4, 2022) if you decide not to attend the GAC so that we can award your travel scholarship to a runner-up
  • Give QuantCo consent to store your resume for up to 6 months starting from October 30, 2022 (the last day of the GAC)

How to Apply

Please submit the following to travel-scholarship@quantco.com by August 26, 2022:

  • 1-page resume
  • Short letter of motivation on why you think you should participate in the GAC (max. 150 words)
  • Transcripts, if available

About QuantCo

We leverage expertise in economics, data science, and software engineering in Europe and the US and have grown to a team of more than 120 people in our offices in Berlin, Boston, Cologne, Karlsruhe, London, Munich, San Francisco, and Zurich. Our clients include some of the largest automotive, ecommerce, insurance, and healthcare organizations in the world and we work together on algorithmic pricing, highdimensional forecasting, and data-driven claims management.

About QuantCo and the GAC

The Harvard German American Conference 2022 offers a compelling opportunity for attendees to connect with leaders from both sides of the Atlantic. QuantCo can attest to the GAC’s impact as many of our current and former colleagues have been speakers or organizers. We therefore want to help strengthen and foster more transatlantic relationships by bringing German students to the Conference.

German American Conference 2022



For the past 14 years, the German American Conference has provided a space for discussing the world’s most pressing issues. From October 28th-30th, we will host a series of panels, workshops, and networking sessions to bring together leaders, politicians, students, and changemakers.

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