How to access the conference

Zoom Webinar

For all events we will be using the Webinar function in Zoom. To receive the links for the Webinar please sign up and you will receive more information shortly.


SoWork is a 3D virtual platform that with its unique features creates a digital experience that feels like a real-life experience. We are excited to use the SoWorkplatform for networking at our conference. We will also be streaming the Zoom Webinar into the space. 

How to enter the SoWork Space

  1. Sign up for the conference to receive the link 
  2. Please use a computer and chrome to enter the space. iPads and smartphones are not compatible.
  3. On the day of the conference click on the link in your confirmation email. 
  4. If it is the first time you are entering SoWork you will register and choose your avatar.
  5.  Once you log in, you will directly enter into the Photo Gallery space.
  6. The Bar and Photo Gallery can be accessed through the menu which appears on the left on you screen. 

How to navigate in the SoWork Space

  1. The mouse or the keyboard arrows can be used to navigate the avatar.
  2. When you approach someone, your and their audio and video will link together, and you can start a conversation.
  3. It is similar to a real-world experience in that only if you are next to another person/avatar can you have a conversation.

German American Conference 2021


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